Patient compliance, medication adherence, & medication reminders.. What does it all mean?

We are the “experts in patient compliance / medication adherence” and offer a comprehensive line of medical devices to help your patients become and stay compliant with Rx meds (doctor’s prescription) or OTC meds. More about patient compliance devices. Since our founding in 1972 we have developed what many call “the premier line” of adherence tools (medical instruments). Our pill … Read More

Pill and vitamin Organizers and Boxes

Pillboxes and Medication Safety Like the drugs they contain, they’re not always used as directed Have you ever had trouble keeping your daily medication straight? As people get older, they often start taking more than one prescription and monitoring what pills need to be taken at what time of day can be challenging. Enter the multi-compartment pillbox: a low-tech device designed … Read More

What are Birth Control Pills and How do They Work?

Birth control pills contain hormones that prevent a woman from becoming pregnant. These pills are to be taken every day in order to work effectively. Some women keep their birth control pills in the original packaging while other women prefer to use Borin Halbich‘s patented pill boxes. There are two types of birth control pills: the combination pill and the … Read More