A COMPARTMENTALIZED DISPENSER that is designed to simplify and improve the accuracy of unsupervised medication dispensing in the home. Each Home Care Pill Box consists of seven large see-through compartments with separate lids. Each compartment lid is marked with a number (1 through 7) and a letter indicating the day of the week (SMTWTFS). Braille, indicating the same information, is also embossed on each cover lid.

Unsupervised patients in the home use the Home Care Pill Box to ensure that the proper medication is taken at the correct time.

Where multiple doses are required, Home Care Pill Boxes are easily snapped together to create a single unit capable of holding several different types of medications taken at different times during the day. Different medications may be indicated by using various color lids on each Home Care Pill Box. Lids are available in four colors: red, white, blue and yellow.

Suggestions for use of Home Care Pill Box

This re-usable item is available in an assortment of 4 colors of lids, and the individual units may be snapped together to form a larger unit if multiple daily doses of medications are required. There are several ways to use this product, depending on individual needs:

If the user is required to take medications only once a day, then only one unit of his/ her color choice is required. If the daily compartment is not large enough to accommodate the full daily dosage, simply snap on another unit of the same color, and put the extra medications in that unit.

Four units can also be snapped together for 28 days' worth of daily dosages.

Four units can also be snapped together for 28 days' worth of daily dosages.

Colored lids are also available without lettering, numbers, or Braille, so that times may be written right on the lids.

We are aware that for some elderly patients, the units may be difficult to snap together. Simply put the units in a dishwasher and run though the entire cycle. Immediately at the end of the cycle, while product is still hot and more pliable, snap the units together and set aside to cool.

The Home Care Pillbox may also be used in conjunction with the tray and I. D. paperwork that comes with our Multi-Dose Pillbox, which more clearly defines identification of medications and time of the day information.

It is possible to have your company name imprinted on this product.