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Borin-Halbich, Inc. has a vested interest in furthering the prosperity and success of the American economy.

From the design to the manufacturing, all of our products are 100% made in the U.S.A.

Through this we are able to:
Create jobs within the country
Reduce logistics costs
Positively contribute to a greener planet
Consolidate all of our taxes state side (contributing to the economy further)
Eliminate counterfeits
Guarantee maximum quality assurance
Provide homegrown customer service.

The U.S Economy added 2.1 Million Jobs in 2017.

source: the atlantic


Job Creation There are many Americans struggling to make a livable income right now. Unfortunately, there are many jobs that do not offer a livable wage, without needing a second job to go along with it.According to Consumer Report, between February 2010 and May 2014, manufacturers that have opened factories here in the U.S. have created close to 900,000 jobs. That’s almost 900,000 opportunities for increased household incomes right here at home.

Reduction of Dependency By helping others become gainfully employed, we are providing them with a way to support their families. This, in turn, can reduce their amount of government dependency. If a family is able to buy food and diapers, and pay rent and utilities, without having to sacrifice one for the other, they won’t need to rely on government assistance programs.

Reduction in Cost By keeping our facilities within our borders, we are reducing the shipping costs that would normally be incurred. Shipping products here from other countries can be very expensive, and the more overhead you have throughout the manufacturing process, the higher your end prices will need to be. Reducing our shipping costs allows us to keep our prices low, which helps our customers keep more money in their pockets. The Reshoring Initiative is dedicated to helping companies calculate how much money they would save by bringing their manufacturing plants back stateside. They are working to break through the idea that offshoring is cheaper by showing an accurate comparison of costs.

Time Savings Having our products made in the same country/continent they’re being sold in saves both us and our customers time. Transit time for items coming from overseas can be weeks to even months, depending on the shipping method. Transit time from Seattle to Miami, on the other hand, would be approximately five business days, at most, and that’s at a slower shipping rate. Making things more readily available for purchase means our customers won’t have to spend time waiting on items to arrive in order to replenish their stock.

A Greener Planet Reducing travel time and distance also means consuming less fuel while transporting the product from point A to point B. Less gas means fewer emissions, which means better air and a smaller carbon footprint. By keeping production at home, we are not only working to provide Americans with more jobs, but we are also doing our part to help the planet stay green. Less consumption is a good thing.

Homegrown Customer Service Having all of our employees located in the United States means that our customers can speak to a native English speaker when they contact us for customer support. If English is not one’s native tongue, there will often be language barriers that prevent customers from getting the kind of customer service they need. Speaking English can even vary from the U.K. to Australia to the United States, even though all three places speak a form of the same language (asking for a milkshake in Australia will give you shaken milk, unless you specify you want a thick shake, and asking for lemonade will give you a 7-Up or Sprite; source). Not all English is created equal.

Paying Taxes By keeping our manufacturing sites at home, we also keep our taxes at home. We like being able to say that we support and pay into our country’s economy, instead of saying that we send our money to another country’s government. Making, selling, and using our products here at home is one way we contribute to our country and its financial system.

Eliminating Counterfeits When manufacturing overseas, many times companies find that their ideas and products will end up being the victim of counterfeiting. There is a higher risk of theft of a company’s intellectual property when having products manufactured outside of the United States. Not only is this a huge method of theft, but it can also be associated with personal injury, and even death in cases where the product malfunctions. According to The Hill, the top country to produce counterfeit items is China.

Quality Assurance When you purchase a product from a company that manufactures their items overseas, you will often find that the quality is not the same as an American-made item. Having an item of poor quality ends up costing more in the long run, due to the inevitable repairs and/or replacements that result. Purchasing a high-quality item once is less expensive than having to purchase a poor-quality item two or three times.

According to information provided by the Reshoring Initiative, the quality of a product was the #2 reason to bring jobs back to the United States. (The #1 reason was lead time, which corresponds with #4 on this list.)