Beyond Opioids: The Future of Pain Management

March 14, 2018 — Cindi Scheib wanted to die. A three-day weekend spent jumping and dancing on Labor Day 2014 had left her with a neck injury – specifically the cervical spine – that was possibly an exacerbation of an unrecognized mountain biking injury earlier that year. To make matters worse, her doctor performed the surgery to fix the injury … Read More

First cannabis expo in Michigan 1 week before legalization vote

Approximately 120 vendors were at the conference The 1st Commercial Cannabis Conference & Expo in Michigan took place in Detroit exactly a week before voters decide on marijuana legalization in the state. About 120 vendors were scattered throughout Cobo Hall at the pot expo, from an insurance company that deals specifically with marijuana to a marketing firm that only works … Read More

How Medical Marijuana Works, and Which Conditions It Treats

More than half of U.S. states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana in some form, and more are considering bills to do the same. Yet while many people are using marijuana, the FDA still hasn’t approved it as a treatment because there haven’t been enough studies to prove that it’s safe and effective.Why hasn’t more research been … Read More

Common drugs lead to millions of cases of lung disease

Common drugs that doctors prescribe to treat heart problems, arthritis, and cancer can actually pose a threat to lung health, and this problem “affects a considerable number of people.” This is the conclusion of a new review of the literature conducted by researchers from the United Kingdom. Drug-induced interstitial lung disease affects more people than experts had thought. Sometimes, drugs … Read More

Patient compliance, medication adherence, & medication reminders.. What does it all mean?

We are the “experts in patient compliance / medication adherence” and offer a comprehensive line of medical devices to help your patients become and stay compliant with Rx meds (doctor’s prescription) or OTC meds. More about patient compliance devices. Since our founding in 1972 we have developed what many call “the premier line” of adherence tools (medical instruments). Our pill … Read More

Recreational Marijuana in Washington State (Seattle)

Washington visitors interested in using marijuana products should be aware of the details of the law regarding purchase, possession, and consumption. There are still significant restrictions on pot possession and use, as well as many practical details to be worked out about how the law will actually be implemented as many of Washington’s weed tourism services, are still being developed. … Read More