The 8 Best Pill Organizers to Buy in 2019

Keep your medication organized and handy Quick Overview Best Overall: The 7 Pack – 7 Day Pill Box “This large-capacity organizer is color-coded by days of the week and easily snaps apart, so you can take individual doses with you on weekend trips or overnight. Each compartment is made of BPA-free plastic and can hold roughly five fish oil pills (or, many smaller prescription pills).“ Best for Multiple … Read More

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

From all of the team here at Borin Halbich, we wish you a merry Christmas! As our gift to you, we are giving you four ways to avoid getting sick during the holiday season. “The holidays are a virus-distribution system,” said Dr. William Schaffner, chair of the department of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt University. “They help us distribute the viruses, … Read More

Big Pharma returning to U.S. price hikes in 2019 after pause, will you pay?

Nearly 30 drugmakers have taken steps to end a self-declared halt to increases made under pressure from the Trump administration, according to documents. Novartis and Bayer are among nearly 30 drugmakers that have taken steps to raise the U.S. prices of their medicines in January, ending a self-declared halt to increases made by a pharma industry under pressure from the … Read More

10 Ways to get rid of cold and flu

Flu and the common cold share symptoms including sore throat, runny nose and sneezing. This article explains how to get better in 24 hours. #1 Eat broccoli – This well-known vitamin is extremely helpful when fighting infection #2 Drink plenty of fluids – stay hydrated with water, soup and low-sugar drinks #3 Eat some honey – a spoonful of honey … Read More

What YOU NEED TO KNOW: 2019 flu virus season

As the leaves starts to fall and the weather cools down, an all too familiar foe returns: the flu. The yearly, unwelcome visit from the virus tends to last from late fall into early spring, targeting whoever may be in its path.  The flu can be a hassle for whoever may fall victim to it. No one wants to call … Read More

How to Follow a Raw Vegan Diet: Benefits and Risks

Though the raw vegan diet isn’t new, it has been regaining popularity recently. It combines the principles of veganism with those of raw foodism. While some people may choose to follow it for ethical or environmental reasons, most do it for its purported health benefits. These include weight loss, improved heart health and a lower risk of diabetes. However, a … Read More

Think You’re Metabolically Healthy? Only 12% of Americans Fit the Bill

Poor metabolic health increases your risk for heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. you think you’ve got good metabolic health just because you see a “normal” weight on the scale, think again.  New research shows that an “alarmingly low” number of American adults are achieving optimal metabolic health, leaving the majority of people at increased risk for serious diseases. In a study published … Read More

For Aging Bodies, Endurance and Resistance Training Can Help

Resistance training can help keep aging hearts healthy. For people entering their senior years, staying physically active is key to staying healthy. But it can be difficult to determine which type of workout is best for aging bodies. Now, two recent studies take a look at what impact endurance training (including aerobic exercises like biking and running) and resistance training … Read More