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Introducing the first multiple compartment Pill Box that meets Federal specifications for a light resistant, tight fitting lid.

THE NEW PILL BOX is the first compartmentalized pill dispenser that will meet and exceed the same Federal specifications required of all pill bottles. It consists of a thirty-compartment tray and amber cover composed of thirty break- off lids that tightly seal each compartment. For quick, easy and accurate dispensing, the numbered lids are snapped off exposing one pill at a time while the unused pills remain in a vapor proof, light resistant environment.

Both time and money are saved by using the Pill Box system. The contents of each pill box may be accurately counted by quick visual inspection. And in the case of controlled drugs, where the contents of the Pill Box must be counted 4 to 8 times in a 24 hour period, the time saved in counting will more than offset the initial cost of the Pill Box. In addition, a pharmacist using the Pill Box in combination with the Pill Box Loader System can load all thirty trays of pill Box in less than 30 seconds, further adding to the time and money savings.

Designed primarily for pharmacy to nursing home and convalescent hospital pill distribution or hospital pharmacy to nursing station pill distribution, the Pill Box system may be used to dispense both capsules and tablets. With proper care the Pill Box system may be washed in home style dishwasher and reused indefinitely.

Independent laboratory tests* performed according to Pharmacopoeia XIX, P9647 and XX35, Addendum A-P624 demonstrate total compliance with all federal requirements pertaining to pill bottles.

*Lab reports available on request


1. The pharmacist prepares the pill loader by sweeping or shaking the pills into slots - one for each compartment in the dispenser. Excess pills are swept to the rear of the tray and used for loading additional dispensers.

The pill dispenser tray is then placed face down into the pill loader and flipped as a unit to transfer pills. The amber pill box cover is then positioned on top of the filled dispenser.

2. The pill box cover is secured by placing each thumb on the center of the cover and pressing firmly. This procedure is repeated as the thumbs move first toward one end of the pill box and then the other. In a few seconds the cover and each individual lid is firmly in place and cannot be removed until each lid is broken away from the cover backbone.

3. To dispense a pill, a numbered lid is broken away from the cover backbone, the pill removed and the lid discarded. When all thirty lids are removed from the pill dispenser, the cover backbone is easily removed and also discarded. Where permitted, the pill dispenser tray may be washed in a regular dishwasher and reused. Additional pill box covers are available for this procedure.

4. Loaders come in multiple sizes to handle nearly all pills, caplets and tablets. These loaders come color coded for easy indentification. Durable construction makes these dishwasher safe.


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