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The Clear plastic ID tray provides of each prescribed medication:

A quick visual identification.

Prescription information.

A complete medication profile on each patient.

The advantages are that the system:

To the basic ID tray, multiple daily doses can be accommodated by adding as many interlocking units as needed.
Is customized for every patient.
Can be easily adapted to changes in prescriptions.
Can be prepared in advance.

After trays are filled, a tight, light-resistant environment is secured by snapping on the lid colors corresponding with the colored dots on the patient profile.

To place lids on trays, line up lids over each compartmentalized unit and press down hard to insure proper closure between lid and box.


Upon opening, the lids break off. The residual tab becomes the visible means of entry detection.

Liners for the compartment are available.
ID tray and interlocking units are dishwasher safe.
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